oureloquentlullaby: so obviously tumblr is like a thing of the past for you but I was wondering when you'll be in the great land of the north we call Canada :D

I leave on THURSDAAAAAY!!! I can hardly believe it :D :D :D

it’s going to be aaaaaaaaaaamazing!

12:27 pm  •  18 June 2013
travellinglikethelight: Where have you been?!?

alllll my lieiffffffffe alll my lieieieieifffffe where have you been all my liaaaaaafe k that’s enough. I don’t know actually I haven’t been on tumblr since the summer cause I guess I just haven’t found time/realized that tumblr took up at least 8 hours of my day ;)

11:41 am  •  17 December 2012
oureloquentlullaby: I was going through my inbox and realized I haven't talked to you all summer! Whats up? :D


I honestly never have time for tumblr anymore D: I legit haven’t been on for about a week which we all know is a good 17 tumblr years. But i’m actually so busy with school and everything and it’s only the 3rd week! I’m ripping my hair out already from all the homework and projects that are already in the works. They’re really not wasting any time this year ;)

But other than running the whole school while trying to retain a 95% average I got back into the dance studio today and it was just so great to be dancing again :D :D

and yoooou? how has your summer been !!?!? 

10:58 pm  •  3 September 2012
aussiee: theres a pickle in the forest. how many men does it take to have a sexy party


2:14 am  •  20 August 2012
Anonymous: What have you always wanted to tell travellinglikethelight? :p

Hmmmmm… That his cooking video was mesmerizing and the tumblr folk should be let in on the exquisite culinary skills of Josh and his friend who eats chocolate when he’s at the bathroom
P.S. I totally would have eaten his chocolate as well ;)

2:13 am  •  20 August 2012
aussiee: urgle. hi gawjus. hows sweedenn

Sweden is the best of the best! There’s a music festival in ma city right now so there’s looooots to do! :D

2:11 am  •  20 August 2012
travellinglikethelight: Fuck, Kill, Marry. (Colton Haynes, J-Hutch, Tom Daley)

Holy shit! Fuck Tom Daley… Daily, Marry Colton Haynes Chuck the other guy :D

2:09 am  •  20 August 2012
4:50 pm  •  17 August 2012  •  2,178 notes
freedom-infinity-dream: i miss you sooooooooo much! :'( im loving your little thing that pops up every time you refresh the page <3 so my question is when are you coming to visit!!

awwwwww girl I miss you too !!!!!
You know I put that pop up their just for you haha ;)

and I am coming to visit… FOR PROM !!!!! 

2:40 am  •  15 August 2012

Ask me questions bitches! Anything and Everything i’ll answer completely honestly <3 Anons welcome

11:08 pm  •  14 August 2012